Here’s How To Gain Control Over Your Hypersensitive Skin

April 28, 2021

Is your skin reactive? Do you experience hypersensitivity, reactions, allergies and intolerances caused by environmental and physical factors, or when trying new skin-care products? Hypersensitive skin is what you’re most likely experiencing, and it’s a common reality among us.

In fact, more than one in two people say they have sensitive skin; however, there are several types of skin hypersensitivity, from severe intolerances where it becomes a pathological constraint to a more moderate intolerance, where the hypersensitivity results in taking greater care of skin.

The good news: you can control the unexpected, preventing sensitivity flare-ups and irritations with Eau Thermale Avène’s new Tolérance Control products, featuring three unique innovations—D-Sensinose, Smart “Skin Affinity” Formula and Patented Sterile Cosmetics Technology—to control hyper-reactive skin. This range—a gentle cleanser, recovery cream and recovery balm, all at Shoppers Drug Mart—helps manage hyperreactivity by decreasing burning sensations by 86 per cent, decreasing tingling sensations by 90 per cent and calming the skin in less than 30 seconds. In other words: the collection will soothe, moisturize and restore your skin barrier in 48 hours.

In a time when so much is out of our control, it’s nice to know your sensitive skin doesn’t have to be. —Vita Daily


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