Make Mom’s Day Blue With This Berry Dessert Sandwich

April 28, 2021

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to start baking. Cakes, cookies, pies, and pastries are often Mother’s Day staples, but what about something that’s unique … like a dessert sandwich? Made just for Mother’s Day, Vancouver-based Bite Matters is offering a Mother’s Day Sweet Bite open-faced sandwich exclusively for the month of May. To give you a taste of this limited-edition specialty, Bite Matters is sharing a recipe you can use to create your own dessert sandwich at home for mom. —Vita Daily

Mother’s Day Sweet Bites

Cinnamon BC Blueberry Chia Jam Ingredients:
2 cups frozen BC Blueberries
2 tablespoons maple syrup
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Whipped BC Blueberry Ricotta Cheese Ingredients:
250g Ricotta Cheese
10g Pickled Lemon
1 sprig Chopped fresh thyme
60g Cinnamon BC Blueberry Chia Jam (you can also simply use premade East Van Jam’s Baron Von Blueberry Jam)

Roasted Pistachios Praline Ingredients:
40g Butter
35g Honey
30g Brown Sugar
30g Roasted pistachios

In a small saucepan, combine all ingredients (except chia seeds) on a medium to high heat and stir until fully incorporated. Keep on heat for five minutes until jam begins to bubble and water is released from the frozen blueberries. Once jam is bubbling, stir continuously for another one to two minutes until slightly reduced, and then remove from heat. Add in chia seeds, stir completely, and allow to cool. Once cool, store in a mason jar in fridge. Mix ricotta cheese, thyme, and pickled lemon together with an electric mixer. Add the Cinnamon BC Blueberry Chia Jam (or premade jam) and mix gently with spoon. For the Roasted Pistachios Praline, in a small pot, combine honey, brown sugar and butter on medium heat until melted. Then let boil for 2-3 min, add the pistachios, and mix. While the mixture is still hot, spread it evenly on a piece of parchment paper. Let it cool before chopping with knife to create small chunks. After toasting your choice of bread, spread a generous amount of the Whipped BC Blueberry Ricotta and sprinkle the Roasted Pistachios Praline as a garnish. Enjoy the final product with a cup of tea and your mom!



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