6 Spring Fashion Trends You’ll Love

April 30, 2021

Spring has arrived and so have some very cool fashions. From big puffy shoulders and peekaboo tops to lots of seasonal blooms and star-power, here are six spring fashion trends you’ll love to integrate into your own wardrobe in the coming weeks. —Jennifer Cox

exaggerated shoulders and puffy sleeves. On this season’s runways, there were lots of big puffy shoulders and sleeves on lightweight blouses and sundresses. Adding unique curves to your spring silhouette, this throwback detail from the 90s is making a comeback in a big way.

metallics and glitz. While pastels have been the go-to hues of choice for springs past, this year it’s more about the shimmer and shine. Metallic materials and adornments will add some glitz to tops and footwear. Jewelry is also getting blinged out and can be the perfect way to incorporate this hot trend into your spring getup.

forals, florals, florals. These aren’t the petite and dainty flowers from a few seasons ago—think big and bold floral patterns splashed across tailored casual slacks or linen tanks. There are also lots of blooms adorning trench jackets and handbags, too.

tie-dye. That beloved hippie print is back and it’s everywhere this spring. From groovy casualwear to playful swimsuits, you’ll find this 1960s motif in an endless array of colour combos. And, if you’re adventurous enough, you can always make your own one-of-a-kind tie-dye creations by buying a kit on sites like Amazon and decking out shirts, tank tops, canvas bags, towels, pillowcases and more!

peepshow/peekaboo. There are lots of cute cut-outs on spring’s hottest fashions: peekaboo shoulders on shirts or sexy mid-section cut-outs on the sides of curve-hugging dresses. Bathing suits are getting super creative with little peepshow one-pieces that have unique cut-outs on the back or stomach areas.

mini skirts. Get those mini skirt legs ready! Long flowing floor-length skirts were all the rage last spring and summer, but this year, it’s going short … way short. Whether it’s a stand-alone skirt or the bottom of a fashion-forward dress, the season is all about being bold… because after all, rules were made to be broken.


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