Window Shopping Is Good Pandemic Medicine

May 20, 2021

Gastown’s Inform Interiors has created a massive window display that will stop you in your tracks. And it seems to be working.

This stunning installation is a collaboration between Inform, Vancouver interior design studio Falken Reynolds and iconic Vancouver design brands Bocci and Christian Woo. The passerby sees the window flow left to right, starting with a deliberately somber scene featuring Christian Woo’s minimalist furniture, symbolizing pretty much how most of us feel we’re living presently. Keep walking and a long table wrapped in a cloud of fluffy white cloth appears, laden with colour pops including copper mesh vases from OAO Works, Icelandic poppies by Nogori Flowers and mismatched statement chairs in candy colours and shapes. The hopeful, brilliantly hued, some-day-post-pandemic dinner-party vibe bursts with optimism underneath Bocci’s hand blown glass chandelier of signature jelly-like orbs.

Falken Reynolds have noticed an increase in colour requests from their clients during the pandemic and “believe that if someone sees this and has their day brightened for one moment – mission accomplished.” The installation runs to the end of June 2021. See it, and smile. —Catherine Dunwoody



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