Everything You Need To Know About Tomorrow’s Super Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

May 25, 2021

The upcoming lunar eclipse (May 26) is the first of 2021 and extra-special because it’s not your regular lunar eclipse, it’s a super moon eclipse.

A lunar eclipse is when the moon moves into the earth’s shadow. A super moon is when the moon is closer than usual to earth, meaning that we feel its energy more. During every total lunar eclipse, the moon develops a slightly crimson hue, known as a blood moon, making this combination of occurrences extra rare and influential.

Full moons are believed to symbolize cleansing and clarity while eclipses shed light or reveal intentions behind situations. A full moon is also a great time to release anything holding us back from our manifestations and dreams. This heightened awareness could be the push you need to reflect on what the universe is pushing you towards to transform your life by readjusting your mindset.

Since this lunar eclipse also occurs with a super moon, expect to feel your feels more intensely. This lunar eclipse is also in Sagittarius, known for invoking feelings of adventure, travel and expansion (think approaching your life in a big picture versus small details type of way). You may find yourself wanting to ditch your responsibilities and constraints or see this behavior in those around you. Patience is your friend during this reactionary time.

On a larger scale, lunar eclipses can be a pivotal point for many as it’s believed that anything you let go of during this time tends to become permanent, but be careful. Since emotions tend to run high our adrenaline has the tendency to want to take over, make sure to take this time to reflect before release. It’s not all doom and gloom though, Sagittarius are fearless when it comes to change and this could mean something new and exciting is coming your way soon.

This eclipse is also coming to us a few days before the next Mercury retrograde (May 29, 2021), making it crucial for you to evaluate how you communicate and stay in tune with your emotions as they may be extremely heightened during this time. —Vicki Duong


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