Splashing Out With Kylie Jefferson

May 25, 2021

Ballet and bling? It’s happening! Bijoux Birks recently launched its first-ever Make a Splash ambassador, ballerina and actress Kylie Jefferson. Known for her lead role in Netflix’s breakout series Tiny Pretty Things, Jefferson continues to “make a splash” on and off the stage, and through her partnership with Birks, which celebrates new additions to the Birks Splash collection inspired by nature and the magic of a spring rain shower. Flowing and delicate, the new collection pieces incorporate blue sapphires, which have a surprise connection to Kylie. Read our Q&A below! —Vita Daily

How did this partnership with Birks come up? What makes it a dream team, and what does this ambassadorship mean to you?

Bijoux Birks originally found me through my role on Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things. They were launching new additions to their fine jewelry collection, Birks Splash, and wanted to celebrate women who were “making a splash”. This represents who I’ve always dreamt of becoming, who I am now and who I will continue to become. It means the world to me to be Bijoux Birks’ first-ever Splash ambassador. We share the same values and aspirations. We are empowering women and encouraging everyone to pursue their dreams without hesitation or fear that they are different.

Please tell us about the Kylie Jefferson x Birks Splash collection; what’s included in the range? Do you have a personal fave piece?

The Birks Splash collection introduced 10 pieces this season, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. These styles pair blue sapphires with diamonds, and they are inspired by the grace of water in motion. The entire collection is beautiful, but if I had to pick, my favourite piece would be the Birks Splash Diamond and Sapphire Versatile Drop Earrings. I love that the collection is the perfect balance of elegance and dominance.

We hear there’s a special/surprise connection between this collection and your birthstone.

Sapphire is my birthstone! I learned from Bijoux Birks that the sapphire is the strongest colored gemstone, and the second strongest stone after the diamond. Sapphires represent power, integrity, and wisdom—which is a constant reminder of the best parts of myself, especially in those moments that I may forget.

How does the motto, Making A Splash, resonate with you personally?

To me, Making a Splash is staying true to myself and celebrating authenticity. I grew up being taught to either sink or swim, and I would consider myself a mermaid. Moving to another country on my own, to film Tiny Pretty Things, taught me many life lessons. Working long hours and being the least experienced actor on set was humbling. It made me hungrier for knowledge and inspired me to continue to grow and gain more strength. I really learned that I am all I needeverything I need to execute my path in life is within me already. All to say, “It ain’t on me, it’s in me.”


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