Ride With A Purpose With JoyVIVA

May 31, 2021

Ever giving back, our friends at JoyVIVA skincare and supplements are a key supporter of the Courage 2 Go Further fundraiser, to help support the upcoming Coast Mental Health Challenge.

JoyVIVA founder Angie Buonassisi and her cycling team, Velogrit Cycling, have created their own challenge and will be riding an incredible 220 km on Wednesday June 23 to raise funds to support Coast Mental Health. This is a really important cause that has been especially magnified over the past years’ world events. They will be live-streaming along their journey, so follow them to watch their progress and cheer them on!

Their goal is to inspire 200 cyclists to do their own Courage 2 Go Further cycling challenges, so that as a community we can raise as much money as possible for Coast Mental Health Foundation. Anyone that has been inspired to do a challenge is eligible to receive $169 in prizes + perks just by signing up for a challenge! Once you ACTIVATE, you and your team (if you are riding on a team) will be eligible for an entire summer’s worth of prizes. Want to discover how you, too, can create your own cycling challenge for a cause? Learn more! —Vita Daily


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