Normalize Thigh Chafing This Summer With These Innovative Shorts

June 3, 2021

Seriously, it’s time to normalize thigh chafing; after all, most of us have thighs that rub when we move. In the winter, layers protect you. But in summer, hotter temperatures (not to mention sweat) can cause irritation on the delicate skin between our legs, resulting in redness and chafing.

This season, we’re pledging to stay protected from all that (and from having to sit on anything gross when we’re in a cute dress) with Knix’s innovative Thigh Saver Shorts. Lightweight and breathable (and in five nude shades, plus black), the Thigh Saver is the perfect solution to keep you feeling comfortable in your summer wardrobe.

Need a bit more support? Try Knix’s Love Your Shapewear, designed to enhance and celebrate your natural shape with the support and compression you want. Knix takes an active approach in listening to their community, and the Shaper Short specifically was inspired by women requesting a thigh saver with more compression. —Noa Nichol


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