4 Unique Ways To Work With A Life Coach

June 10, 2021

We don’t know a single person who didn’t need extra emotional support this past year. It’s been a time of upheaval. Whether it’s the desire for personal growth, a relationship change, to pursue more meaningful work, to pivot a business or move to a cabin in the woods, many of us are in “change” mode. So, it’s not too shocking that the coaching industry is on the rise (have you noticed that everyone on Instagram is now a coach?!). Don’t let that put you off. Our personal belief is that everyone would benefit from a coach. However, quality does vary. Here are several types of personal and business coaches that bring a lot of value. Monica Krake

coaching + breathwork. Breathwork is a powerful tool for healing and self awareness. Coaching + breathwork is a powerful combo, as the two offer support on multiple levels: emotional, spiritual, physical, energetic and mental. Ariana Fotinakis is a coach I love who weaves breathwork into her coaching sessions, with the philosophy that when we’re well-supported on all levels, we’re better-equipped to share the gifts we’re here to bring to the world. Explore Ariana’s life coaching here and business coaching here

coaching + manifestation. Because coaching is so much about moving toward our goals and dreams, it makes 100 per cent sense that inner alignment should be at the centre of all coaching (but it’s not). Ana Lilia is also a breathwork healer and Manifesting Coach who takes an alignment-first approach to her client work. For anyone who wants to learn to get aligned and manifest big dreams, she offers a three-month Mastermind program, which includes weekly group coaching for an intimate group as well as a six-week 1:1 Coaching program. Explore her offerings here.

coaching + ascension. If you are of the mind that collectively, our souls are ascending through higher and higher levels of consciousness so that we can shape shift our reality and make it better than ever before, there is a coach for you. Her name is Lisa Roulette. She’s an empowering coach who weaves principles of ascension, manifestation and energy healing into her sessions to help people break through any barriers keeping them from their biggest dreams and goals. Learn more about her coaching offers here.

coaching + emotional resolution. Seriously, one of the most helpful modalities we’ve learned about is Emotional Resolution, which is a somatic quieting process that helps people release challenging emotions and the stories behind them. We highly recommend Lana Tillis, who combines trauma informed coaching with EmRes, to help clients resolve what is unwanted, clarify what is wanted and to thrive in all aspects of their lives. Learn more about Lana’s coaching with EmRes.

For anyone who needs to hear this: there’s no shame in reaching out for support; in fact, it’s essential if you’re ready to make shifts in your life. Our culture tells us to do it alone but that’s never gotten any of us very far, has it? We hope the above list supports you and if you need more recommendations, here are a few more wellness practitioners we’ve worked with and love.


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