Courageous Conversations Cards Can Help You Talk About Important Topics

June 17, 2021

With Pride in full swing, our pals at DoorDash have launched their Courageous Conversations campaign, which includes cards designed to help Canadians approach difficult and important conversations with friends, family and their communities.

Since sharing a meal goes hand-in-hand with meaningful conversations—and one of the best ways to inspire change is to create an open dialogue for conversions that may otherwise seem difficult to have—the cards provide people with a way to explore different topics and help people feel more connected to their friends, family and communities. This year, DoorDash worked directly with change-makers in the community to create cards that reflect relevant topics, challenge perspectives and spark meaningful conversations. This year’s questions were created with the help of:

  • Priyanka, Season 1 winner of Canada’s Drag Race
  • Sarah Blackwood, Canadian singer/songwriter
  • Lance Chung, Editor in Chief for the Bay Street Bull
  • Kiara, Contestant on Canada’s Drag Race
  • Mina Gerges, beauty influencer and model
  • Raia Carey, Manager of D&I at a prominent Toronto Hospital

“A lot of kids that used to watch me on TV have followed my journey and have seen me become a drag queen,” says Priyanka. “I’m so thankful to be a role model and to have normalized drag for so many people. These cards are a tool to help us normalize our differences, and be more open-minded and understanding of each other.”

As part of the campaign, $1 from every order placed on Sunday, June 27 will be donated to The 519 up to $20,000, supporting them as they provide essential services to the LGBTQ2SIA+ community. The cards are also available for download. —Noa Nichol


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