Pique Your Palate With These Playful Wine Pairing Challenges

June 25, 2021

Who says wine has to be so serious? It’s time to have some fun! This summer, Gray Monk Estate Winery in Lake Country, B.C., is offering two unconventional, inclusive and light-hearted takes on food and wine pairings.

Match Game and Odd Couple are two new interactive experiences where you’ll learn the finer points of tasting and pairing wines while enjoying bites from the winery’s popular Lookout Restaurant. Match Game is a fresh take on wine and food pairing that is both informative and competitive. Featuring wines from Gray Monk’s Odyssey and Estate portfolios and bites from executive chef Graham Momar, learn the fundamentals of what makes a great pairing from an on-staff “enthusiast” before trying out your new skills with some DIY match-making with three wines and three dishes. Guests who match all three pairings correctly win a bonus pairing. In the Odd Couple, you’ll taste and learn their way through five unconventional pairings.

Sips, sun and fun! —Vita Daily


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