A Classic Comes Back

June 29, 2021

In a year fuelled by nostalgia (hello, return of Bennifer and Friends), Gen Z has taken social media by storm with its biggest comeback to-date: Y2K fashion and the return of Gap’s Arch Logo Hoodie.

Amidst all the mom jeans and dad sneakers, you may remember a certain viral TikTok from January that declared the iconic Gap hoodie the trend of 2021. The vintage brown hoodie that spurred the social media storm drew up to $300 on resale sites, with TikTok’s #gaphoodie feed creating more than 5.8M views. This summer, Gap will give the people what they want and drop a limited-issue release of the iconic brown logo hoodie made famous on TikTok (yes, that one) available for order online here ($70).

Check out a timeline of the Gap Arch Logo Hoodie below, and enjoy this comeback! —Vita Daily

1995 – The hoodie started out for Boys and Baby in late 1995. The silhouette of the hoodie was a pullover with a hoodie and kangaroo pouch. The colors during the early years were red, navy, black, and gray;

1998 – Logo Hoodie expands to Men’s for Fall, first silhouette was the same as boys and baby, a pullover hooded sweatshirt with a kangaroo pouch and the Gap Athletic logo;

1998 – RMC wears the Logo Hoodie in the TV Ad;

1999 – Logo Hoodie sold online;

2000 – A fleece version of the Logo Hoodie was introduced for Holiday;

2001 – The sweatshirt continued to evolve with new graphics including our original “The Gap” logo and as pullovers with no hoodie or pocket;

2002 – Gap logo hoodie sweatshirt expands to Girls for Spring, however is only has a “G” on the front;

2008 – Boy’s logo hoodie evolves to a jacket with full zip and Sherpa lined;

2008 – Girl’s debuts the iconic Logo Hoodie for Fall;

2010 – Logo Hoodie expands to Women’s for Spring.


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