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The Best Way To Buy Your Next Designer Bag (Promo Code!)

July 9, 2021

It’s no secret that we’ve got a handbag addiction. Every month in VITA magazine we feature a new It Bag; from Fendi to Prada to Dior to Louis Vuitton to Chanel, we can’t get enough of these beauties. Recently, we discovered a new way to get our hands on some of the most coveted bags in the world—a method that respects our bank account and Mother Earth at the same time.

Based in Montreal, LXR is a socially responsible omni-channel retailer of pre-loved vintage luxury handbags and accessories. With scores of new arrivals every week, the brand offers a huge assortment of timeless designer handbags and accessories, at varying price points, with an aim to “democratize luxury”—that is, ensure every-day aspirational consumers can have access to quality pre-owned luxury items, at more affordable prices than brand new. Far more than an online handbag boutique or consignment shop, several factors make LXR unique.

“At LXR, as we are all true lovers of vintage Reluxury, many employees has authentication onboarding so that he or she at least has a basic understanding of vintage authentication and can spot a counterfeit,” says LXR CEO Cam di Prata. “The buying department undergoes a rigorous multi-year training process to ensure they are ready and capable of authenticating and identifying even the best of counterfeit or altered from their original form items.”

When you purchase a bag, scarf, wallet, watch or other accessory from LXR, you can feel totally confident in your purchase thanks to an unconditional guarantee of authenticity. At a digital level, di Prata says, “Our customer service department is ready and available to chat on our website to answer any questions our clients may have regarding sizing, authenticity or collection history. If our customer service agent or manager is unable to answer the client’s question, he or she communicates with the buying department in real time to get the answers for our clients. We are able to demonstrate to our clients a superior level of understanding of our products, which puts them at ease to continue purchasing with LXR.”

When our own most-recent purchase, a gorgeous Louis Vuitton Totally MM, was delivered to our door, it came with a bright-orange cable that, we learned, should be kept intact in the case of a return, which can be processed any time within 10 days of reception. “Once the orange cable is cut, our client is now the proud owner of a beautiful and sustainable Reluxury item,” says di Prata. “In the case of any issue, our customer service department is ready and available to help find a solution.”

By responding to evolving consumer tastes, LXR maintains a flexible assortment of historically popular items and new, emerging luxury products and brands. This includes their Bestseller Designer Classics with renowned brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermès. In addition to the classics, LXR acquires new items at the beginning of each season reflective of the current trends, offering their customers a chance to shop and discover the most sought-after styles and colours.

Asked what his company looks for when accepting to purchase pieces from customers, di Prata says, “Authenticity and condition of the item … is the most important criteria. Next, we look at the rarity of the bag and/or if it’s a bestseller.”

Of course, sustainability is always top of mind. LXR believes in giving luxury goods a second life, and has been living and building on this philosophy since its founding in 2010. In mid-July 2021, it will launch a rental service, where customers can, says di Prata, “rent our handbags for the price of one ‘latte’ per day.” LXR also recently instituted a charitable give-back campaign, dedicating a percentage of revenue to aid causes important to its employees, such as the environment, mothers with cancer and the funding of LGBTQ help lines.

So, why choose LXR over other international resellers? “We place the consumer first in everything we do, followed closely by the highly curated luxury assortment of quality pieces,” he says. “We are Canadian, with employees from across the country, all with diverse backgrounds. We believe shopping local makes great sense not just on patriotic grounds but it’s cheaper, too. Sourcing products from U.S.-based resellers typically comes with added (sometimes hidden) costs, including foreign currency exchange rates (of +25% to 30% higher), shipping costs and custom import duties (of +10% to 15%). Canada is our top priority, which in the few cases where customers wish to return a product, its much easier to do with us than to have re-package and re-ship across the border to the U.S. and have to file paperwork to recover the prepaid customs duties.”

Another great reason to shop LXR? We’ve teamed up with the brand to offer Vita Daily readers an exclusive promo code, for 15 per cent off your next purchase! Just use code VITA15 at checkout! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a new Louis Vuitton to take out on the town! —Vita Daily


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