The Architecture Of Chanel

July 13, 2021

A new book, The Architecture of Chanel ($175, available for pre-order now), being released this November, will explore 16 buildings designed by Peter Marino for the iconic fashion house.

Peter Marino’s 25-yearlong collab with Coco Chanel’s namesake brand may seem surprising. Chanel was known for her loose-fitting Breton tops, faux pearls and tailored suit skirts, while Marino is famed for his signature black leather pants, boots and caps. Yet the pair share a sophisticated essence, linking classic and modern, luxurious and accessible, irreverent and respectful. Both also possess a powerful drive to innovate while paying homage to the lessons and refinements of the past.

Through more than 300 images, The Architecture of Chanel shows how Marino’s architecture and interior design elevate Chanel’s luxury retail space to the realm of fine art. The featured stores—all designed by Marino exclusively for Chanel—are based in New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Tokyo and Osaka.

We can’t wait to get our haute little hands on this read! —Noa Nichol


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