What Are The Most Popular Sports In Canada?

July 26, 2021

Sports are incredibly popular worldwide, but one of the nice things about each country of the world is which sports they support. Each one has got some that they prefer over others, and Canada is no different. Here are the most popular sports in Canada.


hockey. Of course, hockey is number one. It might be a stereotype that Canadians are obsessed with hockey, but it is a stereotype that is definitely true. All you need to do is check out the latest NHL odds to see the sheer number of games being played here. We love this sport, and many start playing it when they are very small so they can build confidence and skills on the ice. Canada has seven teams in the NHL, and this league is split between Canadian teams and ones in the U.S.A. The national team also plays exceptionally well on the world stage. It is not unusual to find them leading or near the top of the pack when playing in an international tournament. This is the most popular sport in the country by far, from the east coast to the west. Will we ever see another sport knock hockey off the top spot? Probably not!

lacrosse. If Canadians are not on the hockey rink, they might be found on the lacrosse field! This game was created by the Indigenous people of the Americas, and grew in popularity around the Great Lakes area. Though the game that they played was very different from modern lacrosse, it is still possible to see the links and inspirations between the two games. Lacrosse became a national game of Canada in 1859, and it has been played by thousands of Canadians since. Though hockey is played all year round, it is considered to be more of a winter sport, and lacrosse is its summer partner. There are two professional leagues for the pro players to join, and these also have some crossover with the U.S. teams. Lacrosse is packed with adrenaline-fuelled moments and is an interesting game of tactics. When you see how fast the players can move on the pitch, it is little wonder that this game is second place to hockey. They are very different games, but they do have similarities between them.

soccer. As with many other countries around the world, soccer is one of the biggest sports by far. Canada might not be as mad for it as Europe or South America, but there is still a thriving football community that adores the sport. The very first soccer game took place in 1876 in Toronto. It was between two local clubs, and the sport has flourished ever since. Of the many teams that play throughout the country, it is the women’s national team who deserve special attention. They managed to qualify for the Olympics back in 2012 and actually managed to secure a bronze medal at the games. They also managed to make it to the round of 16 in the 2019 World Cup.

These are the three most popular sports in Canada, but of course there are a lot more that people love. From basketball to baseball to cricket, this is a sports-loving nation that is always happy to try something new. If you have never been to a match for one of the above sports you should find one in your local area and check it out soon. Who knows, there might even be an amateur group that you can get involved with. The world of Canadian sport has plenty of options, and they are waiting for you to join them! —Vita Daily


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