Are You Ready For A Sustainable Cocktail Pub Crawl?

July 30, 2021

If you’re in B.C. this long weekend, then you’ll want to take advantage of celebrating Zero Waste Month with 27 B.C. bars that have created some of the most ingenious and mouthwatering cocktails—and they’re also good for the planet!

Spearheaded by Flor de Caña, the world’s only carbon-neutral and sustainably produced premium rum, Zero Waste Month is a global initiative where eco-conscious bars, restaurants and consumers from around the world joined forces to reduce food waste throughout the month of July.

More than 30 countries are participating with Canada leading the pack—by a long shot! Clearly, that speaks volumes about our commitment to the planet.

For a full list of all the bars and restaurants participating, visit In the meantime, here are a few highlights to get you started on your sustainable cocktail pub crawl:

Homer Street ensured nothing went to waste with the pineapple in their tropical drink, using the skins to create a unique cocktail syrup called a falernum, while the Pour House did something similar with the banana, extracting the oils and dehydrating it to a powder ensuring every aspect of the fruit was used.   

L’Abbatoir featured rescued greens in their cocktail while Chambar took strawberry-picking to a whole new level, using the pulp from their cocktail to create a compote for their cheeseboards. Zero waste indeed!

At Ophelia, all four bar managers submitted cocktails and they were all so good, the restaurant is featuring all four of them on the menu—including one that ensured burnt tortillas don’t go to waste! And The Keefer held a cocktail contest which, to everyone’s surprise, the chef actually won with a creative cocktail which incorporated cilantro stems and local honey.                                            

More than a third of all food produced goes to waste resulting in approximately 1.6 million tonnes every year, so thank you to Flor de Caña Rum for working to make a difference. Cheers to saving the planet one cocktail at a time. —Vita Daily


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