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Re-Vitalizing Your Workspace With Houseplants

August 5, 2021

In the “new normal” of the post-pandemic world employers are developing hybrid models that facilitate working part time at home and in the office. That makeshift work-at-home desk (a.k.a. the kitchen table) is becoming a permanent feature. It’s time to re-vitalize both it and the newly re-discover office space.

Plants are the easiest and most budget-friendly way to re-energize any space. They create colour, depth and texture. The University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, found plants in the workplace boost productivity by 15 per cent, lower anxiety by 37 per cent, reduce fatigue by 38 per cent, heighten creativity and absorb noise. But forgetting to water indoor plants or putting them in the wrong spot often results in disappointment. To gain a little help on what low-maintenance plants are best for the workspace, Plantsome, whose mission is to help make finding, buying and caring for houseplants easy, fun and hassle- free, offered some guidance. These five plants tick all the low maintenance boxes and will add dimension and green to any workspace. —Jennifer Cole

spider plant. With long skinny arching leaves typically green-and-white striped a spider plant grows up to 46cm. Preferring filtered light but not excessive watering they can quickly outgrow a container. But their flexibility means they’re easy to re-pot and won’t be upset by the experience continuing to re-vitalize any workspace.

cast iron plant or aspidistra. Like the name implies this plant is as tough as nails. It doesn’t care about light, although too much sun is not it’s thing. Water it when you feel like it, just don’t let it dry out. And in return it will purify the air and grow tall and strong up to 85cm.

peperomia hope. A perky looking plant this semi-succulent will temporarily be OK if you forget to water. But will enjoy a nice drink when the time comes. Liking moderate to low light it purifies the air and is non-toxic for pets.

philodendron cordatum or heartleaf philodendron. With heart-shaped leaves this plant grows like a vine and is perfect in a hanging planter above the desk to free up space. A haircut occasionally, will stop if from getting too leggy and out of control. And it will even talk to you telling you when it’s thirsty or getting too much water. Wilting brown leaves mean it needs a drink, yellow leaves and it’s had too much.

air plants. No soil needed. Small in size (6-12cm in length) air plants are versatile. Their muted shades of green add a calming effect while varieties with bright vibrant colours wake up the space. Hung from a hook or in a small terrarium of rocks, they absorb nutrients and moisture from the air. Preferring natural light over fluorescent. A gentle misting of their roots once a week is perfect. Together with other plant friends, they enhance the look, and provide creativity to the workspace wherever it is.



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