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We Tried It: The Endy Sofa

August 9, 2021

Having moved into a new house with many more rooms than our old place, getting a second sofa (for a TV room) was necessary. With so many seating options out there, though, we wondered: what was the easiest and comfiest route to take?

The answer came easily once we heard about the launch of the Endy Sofa—delivered right to our door, simple to assemble, modern, modular and stylish, and perfectly tailored to meet our space. What a win! This comfortable couch comes in three sizes (one, two or three seats; we chose the largest to suit our square footage and the fact that our entire fam will be able to Netflix and chill together) and shows up in compact boxes that were super-easy to transport down twist-turny hallways to the very back of our house. “Building” it was a snap; no tools needed, and the instructions (including a handy QR code for online assistance) were clear as day. We also opted for the ottoman, to complete the look.

Check out our EIC and her hubby setting up the Endy Sofa in a snap, above, and find out more about this super-stylish seating solution here. Now, excuse us while we, quite literally, sit back and relax! —Vita Daily



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