Fuel Up For Lunch

August 26, 2021

Back to school is often associated with new backpacks, books and binders, but what about food? With more than 20 per cent of children living below the poverty line in B.C., the healthy meals needed to fuel kids throughout each school day is an issue we should all be concerned with.

That’s why this September, our pals at SPUD—our favourite local supplier of healthy groceries—have decided to do something about it. The company is partnering with the Fuel Up School Lunch Program, which preps and delivers fresh, healthy, subsidized lunches to vulnerable elementary and middle school students across the Lower Mainland (without their classmates noticing)—and you can help in one or all of the following ways:

  • Purchase SPUD’s Back to School Bundles, from which $1 per bundle will be donated to Fuel Up School Lunch
  • Click the donation buttons on
  • Place, for donation, non-perishable items in your SPUD bin

The proof is in the pudding—or, perhaps, the lunch box. Vivian, who has benefited from Fuel Up School Lunch, remembers, “My parents experienced financial adversities in the process of immigrating to Canada. I grew up with food insecurity in my home, and my parents heavily depended on subsidy programs to sustain our family. I know firsthand how valuable community supported programs are to vulnerable families.”

This September, let’s all join SPUD to ensure that no child goes hungry at school. —Vita Daily


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