September Influencer: Sue Randhawa

September 1, 2021

Our featured influencer this month is Sue Randhawa, who has been recognized as one of Vancouver’s style icons! Read all about Sue below, and watch for more fabulous influencer insights in the coming months! —Vita Daily

Photo: @kunaphotography

Hi Sue! Tell us a little bit about you and what do you do!

I’ve been in the eyewear industry as a licensed optician since 1991. I own The Optical Boutique in Vancouver, where we’ve made fashion a strong component of how we do things. The store opened its doors in 1979 and quickly became a key destination for eyewear lovers. Buying eyewear can be challenging because when confronted with a mirror we often become our toughest critic. We ease the process by making the selection for the client based on the skin tone, bone structure and personal style. I travel to Paris, New York or Milan to hand pick the collections that I bring in. We’ve created a safe place for self expression through eyewear regardless of colour, religion or gender.

How do you use your platform to impact those who follow you?

Fashion has been an important part of my life. It has played an integral role in how I’ve raised my children, how I run my business, the people that I hire or don’t hire. I find that fashion (particularly colour) intimidates many people and my hope is that by doing what I do it inspires others to experiment a little bit. I’m 53 years old and I find that as people age they become less confident about the fashion choices they make. Age should not be the reason that keeps you from trying different things.

What’s your personal style (fashion and design) mantra?

My personal style changes constantly. I work with some of the emerging designers in Vancouver and I’m inspired by their creativity. I also keep an eye on the international runways by attending the shows in Europe. My personal mantra: never be afraid to try something new. I will never be one to blend into the sea of black. The clothes that I wear tell my story without me speaking. I love that I can do that.

Photo: @kunaphotography

You were recently featured as one of the Globe and Mail‘s Best Dressed for 2021! Tell us about that …

That was by far one of the highlights of my career. I never thought that I would ever make the list simply because there are so many people in Canada that dress amazingly well. It was an honour to be featured.

What do you see as being some of the key fashion trends for fall/winter 2021?

As things begin to reopen and people start to go back to their work spaces I think that comfort is going to be important. I’m a fan of layering my favorite pieces and I plan on doing this with my sweaters and coats. Colour is also going to be key—I’m selling a lot more colour in eyewear. Bolder colours are outselling neutrals in my store.

Do you have any top/pro tips on easily flipping our summer for fall fashion?

Flipping a summer wardrobe into fall is easy for me—I love layering! Putting a turtleneck underneath a summer dress and adding opaque patterned or coloured tights is always great. Put a loose oversize sweater on top and you’ll have a fantastic look!

Follow Sue on Instagram, biz and personal.


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