Not Your Common Cold: Make Your Refrigerator Bespoke

September 9, 2021

Why should where you keep your food cold be boring? Today, Samsung Electronics Canada has ushered in the next generation of kitchen design with the announcement of Bespoke, its new customizable refrigerators, now available for pre-order in Canada.

Samsung’s Bespoke lineup, available in 4-Door Flex and 1-Door Column models, offers a unique blend of personalized aesthetic with premium refrigeration. The range features customizable outside panels with colours, materials and finishes to reflect a variety of personal styles, along with customizable and convertible compartments on the inside.

“With kitchens so often being the hub of Canadian homes, we wanted to offer consumers an appliance that not only fulfills a need, but also reflects the personal style of their home,” says Pat Bugos of Samsung Electronics Canada. “Our new Bespoke refrigerator offers Canadians more than just a home appliance. It brings together Samsung’s innovative technology with a product designed to fit into consumers’ lifestyles, just as every ‘bespoke’ item should.”

To help Canadians design their refrigerator and showcase their own style, Bespoke will be available in a multitude of colours and finishes. The 4-Door Flex model features eight different colours, including Rose Pink and Navy, with three distinct finishes, glass, matte glass or steel, offering a combination of design options. Moreover, the 1-Door Column model boasts six colours, including an exclusive beige option, with glass, matte glass or steel finishes. With the ability to swap the refrigerator’s panels, Bespoke offers consumers the opportunity to change their kitchen design as their style and needs evolve. Additionally, the 1-Door Column model provides the ability to combine or remove units in their entirety, ideal for consumers who are upsizing or downsizing their homes.

Design your own Bespoke refrigerator via the online BESPOKE Design Studio, which highlights the refrigerator’s full range of styles and allows you to choose the one that best matches your kitchen décor. Whether it’s a classic 4-Door Flex, or a simple 1-Door Column, you can create a Bespoke fridge that fits your desired aesthetics.

Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator lineup is available for pre-order now ahead of its official Canadian launch on October 1, 2021. Talk about a custom cold! —Noa Nichol



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