Let’s Change the Taboo Around Talking About Poo

September 15, 2021

Call us modern-day lucky; so many subjects that were definitely not OK to talk about in the past are now open topics of discussion, both online and in real life. So why isn’t it the same for poo?

SENOKOT®—a trusted brand with more than 60 years of experience helping customers find gentle, overnight relief from occasional constipation—wants to change that, by making our #2 their #1 priority. SENOKOT®’s Scoop on Poop campaign is focused firmly on spreading poo-sitivity and championing digestive health and wellness by opening up the conversation and breaking down social barriers—how awesome is that?! We’re 100% on board with getting real and personal about the regularity issues facing Canadians, exploring their poo-versations and uncovering their poo-haviours, and highlighting the importance of good digestive health for overall wellbeing. Healthy poo, healthy you!

To help kick off the convo, SENOKOT® has gathered some flush-worthy facts about poo. Did you know that 52% of Canadians suffer from occasional constipation, and that 50% of Canadians agree that constipation affects their ability to live their best life? Also, 9% of Canadians would rather swim with sharks than talk about their poo!**

The folks at SENOKOT®, of course, are the perfect s-“poo”-kespeople for this mission, and to make a difference in our lives by helping ease our occasional constipation woes. Made with natural senna, SENOKOT® laxatives are an effective over-the-counter solution for occasional constipation, providing gentle and effective relief overnight (typically 6-12 hours) when needed! Most people find taking at bedtime works best for gentle and easy relief come morning and children ages 6 and over can use it! It is however important to note that SENOKOT® is not recommended for daily use and if you do find yourself regularly experiencing constipation, it is always best to talk with your doctor or health care provider.

With products that range from Regular to Extra-Strength Natural Tablets, plus Stool Softener made with natural senna, SENOKOT® has become the #1 most-trusted laxative by Canadian shoppers and is recommended by physicians and pharmacists alike.*

Let’s break through this “final frontier” of topics on the taboo list, and open up the convo about poo. After all, we all go #2! —Vita Daily

Please always read and follow the label instructions before usage and speak to your Health Care Practitioner if you have any questions.

  • SENOKOT® voted Most Trusted Laxative Brand by Canadian shoppers in the 2020 BrandSpark® Most Trusted Awards.

** Study by SENOKOT®


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