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Make The Most Out Of Your Empties With These Creative & Practical Upcycling Tips

September 17, 2021

Before you chuck your empty wine bottles and can into the recycling bin, think twice. There are tonnes of decorative and practical uses for your empties that go beyond the typical college dorm décor. Whether it’s creating unique vases for your homegrown floral bouquets or transforming your empties into twinkly lanterns to elevate your backyard, put your creativity to the test and give your Arterra empties a second life with these upcycling ideas. —Vita Daily

transform your empties into decorative vases. There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to where you can take this classic décor concept. Start by choosing a wine bottle or can with an aesthetic label to serve as the vase’s focal point. Then, rinse out the empty container and insert a small bouquet of fresh flowers to display somewhere in your home. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can enhance this concept by decorating your bottle or can with glitter or paint for a funkier display or gluing lace on the bottom for a classier look. If you’re in need of inspo, the Saintly Rosé bottle is perfect for creating a sleek and simple look. For a bolder option, Good Fortune’s Sparkling Wine cans include bright, floral designs that will help add a pop of colour to your interior space.

repurpose your empty wine bottle into a beautiful glass vinegar bottle or soap dispenser. This simple DIY is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Repurpose your empty wine bottle into a vinegar or oil bottle or a soap dispenser—they make great gifts, too! Rinse out and clean your empty wine bottle and fill it up with your desired liquid. Insert a pump or stopper for your bottle and voilà! You now have a pretty yet rustic dish soap dispenser or vinegar bottle you can display on your kitchen countertop. For white or apple vinegars, we suggest using a clear, white wine bottle, such as the Inniskillin Riesling Pinot Grigio, which allows you to easily display the contents inside your dispenser. For balsamic vinegars, we suggest going with a red wine bottle, which typically come in darker glass bottles, such as the Inniskillin Baco Noir. For hand soap dispensers, depending on the look you want, you could use a clear or darker glass bottle. We suggest our Sandbanks Dunes.

create planters for your succulents. Display succulents or tiny greenery using empty wine cans as planters. Simply rinse out your empty cans and cut off the top, then fill with soil and the plants of your choice. You can also opt for planting herbs such as mint, lavender or basil, to add to a future cocktail. We suggest using Good Fortune and In Good Order cans, whose colourful and playful labels make the cutest home for your succulents or herbs to grow! Take inspiration from the glass or wine colour of your wine bottle to serve as a table centrepiece. When it comes to decorating a tablescape, Canadian florist and owner of Beaux Florals, Brock Stacey, suggests using the wine you plan on serving as inspiration for colour and design. “Place the wine bottles throughout the table and bring in colours and elements as inspiration,” says Stacey. Consider tinted glassware or metallic elements such as cutlery to tie it all together.”

transform your wine bottle into twinkly lanterns. Set the mood by adding small string lights to your empty wine bottles. Use these unique lanterns as a cozy bedroom nook or place them on your dining room table while enjoying a romantic candle-lit dinner. We recommend using translucent bottles with a hint of colour, like the Kim Crawford Illuminate Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé, that will allow the lights to shine through and magically embellish any space.



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