Amazing Pets Are About To Get Accolades At The Zoomies Awards!

October 3, 2021

There’s no denying our pets have been putting in double duty throughout this last year of uncertainty, providing love and comfort at a time when it is most needed (thanks, Pickle!). Over the past 16 months, our fur-besties have been a source or entertainment, companionship and have become our new favourite (sometimes needy) co-workers.

In fact, a new survey by Canadian Tire and the Ontario SPCA finds that pets have made a positive impact on the lives of Canadians by providing emotional support and stress relief, with more than three-quarters of Canadians stating their pet makes them feel less lonely. Beyond that, survey findings show nearly two-thirds of dog parents agree their pet is most likely to win an award for begging for treats, and more than half of cat parents say their pet is most likely to win an award for finding an unusual place to sit or sleep. Our pets regularly show off award-worthy behaviours and it’s time to celebrate!

That’s why, to show appreciation for pets across the country and their unwavering love, Canadian Tire is hosting the first-ever Zoomies Awards Show virtually online on October 7, 2021. Tune in, and see Canadian pets across the country win big; we’ll be rooting for all the furry nominees! —Vita Daily


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