SPUD Delivers All Your Thanksgiving Needs

October 4, 2021

Why struggle over Thanksgiving dinner when you can order everything from turkey to Brussels sprouts, pumpkin pie, flowers and even hostess gifts quickly and conveniently from SPUD? This year, we’re skipping the grocery store lineups and ordering our meat, meatless main and extras online and having them delivered right to our door. The best thing about SPUD in our opinion? The fact that we can order up to 10 p.m. the night before for next-day delivery. See below for our top add-to-cart suggestions:

main event. Need a main dish? There’s a limited amount of fresh turkeys still available at SPUD, and they’re free run and antibiotic free (fact: all the meat sold at SPUD is sustainably raised). You can also order a boneless Two Rivers Farms frozen thigh and breast roll roast on sale for just $35.99 (you might miss the wishbone, but it’s a far less likely to be overcooked). SPUD also has a plant-based main from the Very Good Butcher, the Vegan Stuffed Beast, priced at $38.99.

side hustle. For sides there’s the prepared Tangy Potato and Green Bean Dish that can be served hot or cold (this one needs to be ordered a few days ahead), and a huge selection of organic veggies should you wish to create your own side dishes.

sweet ending. Don’t forget dessert! SPUD’s got amazing pumpkin pie from Trump’s Food and a superb Blueberry Goat Cheese Crumble Pie and Apple Pie from The Pie Hole, plus many others. Pie shells, whipping cream, ice cream, non-dairy ice cream—it’s all there, too!

gifts galore. If you want to be the guest who gets invited back, don’t forget hostess gifts! There’s everything from flowers to chocolate, jams, soaps and artisan canned seafood. Check out SPUD ambassador and lifestyle writer Cassandra Anderton’s curated hostess gift suggestions here.

Use code VITADAILY to get $15 off your first order of $50 or more. Happy Thanksgiving indeed! —Vita Daily



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