Goop’s Beauty Editors Can’t Stop Using This New Hair Serum

October 6, 2021

Goop beauty editors Megan O’Neill and Jean Godfrey-June are quite literally obsessed with the new GOOPGLOW Restore + Shine Hair Serum ($65). Despite different hair types, Megan and Jean saw significant results after trying the serum. Read about their experiences below. —Vita Daily

Megan O’Neill, Senior Beauty Editor

hair type: super curly and textured, and she just had a baby. Megan loves soft, artfully bedhead-ish curls. “My kinky texture tends to be dry, brittle, and prone to frizz. But the serum—it’s so moisturizing—smooths my thicket of coils into silky spirals. My mom, a woman who doles out praise very sparingly, sounded as if she’d been paid by goop when I emerged from my bedroom one morning: ‘What are you doing to your hair these days? It’s stupendous.’ The serum gives me soft, floaty, perfectly mussed curls.” She uses the serum about once a week. “I like to take a midday break from hunching over my laptop to massage it in from roots to ends—about a dropper and a half does the trick. I let it sink in as I finish the workday. After washing and for the remainder of the week, my mess of curls is shinier, bouncier, and more haphazardly beachy than ever. I just freakin’ love this stuff.”

Jean Godfrey-June, Beauty Director

hair type: wavy and coloured, with the texture starting to change in a way she’s not into—the top frizzier and coarser than it used to be. Jean, who’d always been pretty happy with her hair, had recently been noticing more frizz, coarser texture, and less fabulousness. “As you get older, it turns out that your texture can change—my colourist Marie Robinson broke the news to me about a month ago (colouring also contributes, but that is extra, on top of the change from getting older).” “It’s like your second-day hair suddenly looks messy instead of cool. And all I can say is: If this texture change sounds at all familiar, try the serum! It gave me back my hair—shine, waves, smooth texture, easy feeling. My hair used to be the one thing I could count on, and now I can count on it again. And weirdly, for me the effect lasts for two shampoos. I do my routine with it every two or three shampoos. I smooth in the serum from the top of my hair—not exactly the roots, a little farther out—to my ends and go for a run, do a yoga class, or jump in the sauna my boyfriend built during the pandemic. After 20 minutes, I shampoo and condition—and that’s it. I wait for my hair to dry—and it does its former magic trick of styling itself. The serum has truly restored my hair, full stop.”


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