Get A Dance Cardio Workout With Usher Et Al

October 7, 2021

Today, Peloton released Season 2 of Dance Cardio, made up of seven new episodes including a special Artist Series class that is the first of its kind, featuring a cameo from Usher!

Photo by Josh Filauri

Peloton brings dance and cardio to life in this new season, led by world-class instructors and guided by some of the most talented choreographers, in addition to Usher himself. He joins Peloton instructors Ally Love and Emma Lovewell in a surprise class finale, showing members how it’s done as they all move to one of his iconic tracks.

This season of Peloton Dance Cardio will encourage members to give it all they’ve got as they take centre stage and get their heart-pumping in a sweat session that’s fun, lively and guided by your favourite music. Peloton’s collaboration with Usher (who is a member himself) is a great example of the unique role music plays in bringing this global fitness community together: “Dance has the power to energize, ignite and bring people together in a fun celebration of movement and music, “ says the star. “I’m thrilled to lend my personal style to this new season of Peloton Dance Cardio. As a Peloton Member myself, I can’t wait to move together as one community.” —Vita Daily


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