Runway Review: Chanel Spring/Summer 2022

October 7, 2021

This season, Virginie Viard did a full 1980s throwback. From the paparazzi-style photographers to the raised runway, the Spring/Summer 2022 presentation was very reminiscent of the runway shows from Karl Lagerfeld’s heyday at the House of Chanel.

Inspired by fashion seen through the photographer’s lens, the collection had a nostalgic vibe of the late ’80s and early ’90s. In the spring of 1993, the fashion world was shocked when Karl Lagerfeld showcased a series of black-and-white briefs, sport bras and swimsuits modelled by the likes of supermodels Naomi, Kate and Claudia. For spring 2022, there was a sense of practicality in the styles. The collection featured a delightful array of pink and purple tweed ensembles, and the finale looks consisted of beautiful butterfly prints that floated down the runway. The styling gave a nod to the past, too, with almost over-accessorized looks: think neon hoops, layers of necklaces and lots of chain belts. The stars of the show, though, were the purses: heart-shaped pink quilted bags and Chanel  N°5 perfume-shaped purses are all on our wish list!

For once the show did not take place at the Grand Palais, as it is going through renovations. The collection was showcased in a temporary space, which gave Virginie the opportunity to recapture the energy of the shows she remembers as a young fashion enthusiast. There was a campy style to presentation as models twirled and posed in front of flashing lightbulbs. A rendition of Freedom! by George Michael created a party-like atmosphere, taking us right back to the best moments from Chanel. —Lyndi Barrett


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