6 Quick Ways To Spookify Your Look On Halloween

October 18, 2021

The house is all decked out with spiderwebs, the pumpkins are lit by the front door, the kids have their requested costumes, but what will you wear? If you forgot about your own getup and need something in a pinch, then check out these six quick ways to spookify your look on Halloween. They’re quick, they’re easy and they’re inexpensive. —Jennifer Cox

coloured contacts. Bewitching green eyes, piercing yellow cat eyes, or devilish red eyes – you can have positively frightening peepers with a pair of contact lenses. Now you can really give someone the evil eye.

head gear. A festive hat or a hair-raising wig can be all the special effects you need for a fun Halloween ’do. When all else fails, secure your locks with a hairnet and cover in plastic spiders.

a cape. A Halloween cape is like a pair of comfy yoga pants: you can wear just about anything with it, and its silhouette is very forgiving to whatever treats you indulge in (and the curves that come along with them!). Who knows: Maybe capes will become the new “it” fashion!

festive jewels. Go big or go home! Secure some playful pumpkins to your ears, adorn your hands in oversized bauble rings, slide on a few plastic fall-coloured bracelets, or put on a light-up necklace of bones. A few pieces of Halloween-y costume jewelry will completely dress up your holiday look.

nail care. Let your fingers do all the scaring! Paint your nails in matte black, neon lime green, glittery orange, or a combination of fun colours. Use nail pens for added details such as a spiderweb or the words “BOO!” Or custom-make your own Halloween nail polish: carefully break open a glowstick and dump the liquid into a lightly-coloured bottle of polish for nails that will glimmer and glow in the dark.

grin and bear it. You may look like an unsuspecting human … until you smile with your vampire teeth! Give onlookers a quick fright with fake teeth that are colourful or resemble monsters. Or use special wax to black out a few of those once-pearly whites.


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