The Best Smoothies Are Made Without A Blender & With A 40% Off Promo Code

October 29, 2021

We love, love, love our daily smoothie, but absolutely hate the mess it makes of our blender (call us lazy, but washing that thing is no easy feat). Lucky for us, our friends at Evive Nutrition have a super solution that includes all the delicious nutrition and none of the time-consuming cleanup. (Psst: keep reading for a totally exclusive promo code, too!)

Evive—founded in Canada by Dominic Dube and Claudia Poulin, both busy professionals seeking delicious, wholesome meals that didn’t require much prep or cooking—makes, believe it or not, blender-free smoothies that are perfect for people on the go.

Packed full of nutrients, organic fruits/vegetables and plant-based proteins, they’re yummy, healthy, nutritous, VEGAN, and easy (read: no appliances needed) to make. Simply pop the cubes into a bottle, cover with your liquid of choice (we’re into coconut milk these days), let it all melt together for 20 minutes, and shake, shake, shake! (You could also, technically, blend your smoothie up after the “melt” step; it’s good to have options!) There are 14 fantastic, no-added-sugar flavours available, including: Passion Mango (exotic, with a unique tart flavour, and good for glowing skin); Cashew Mocha (an energizing, protein-packed upgrade of a frozen coffee drink; and Saphir (in an eye-catching natural blue hue, and with spirulina superfood to support brain function). Our current favourite, the hot-pink Viva, has us seeing the world through rose-coloured smoothie glasses, and boosting our immunity for wintertime, too!

But wait; there’s even more goodness here. If you love Evive as much as we do (and we know you will), you can skip the store (though it’s available there, too) and get it delivered straight to your door monthly with an online subscription! This works: AND use promo code VITA40 for a whopping 40% off on the order of a first box, valid from October 30 to November 30, 2021.

We told you that these smoothies are hassle-free and efficient 😉 —Vita Daily


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