Canada’s Top 3 Best Stadiums For Sports Fans

November 2, 2021

Canada is known for hosting a wide range of sports, meaning that every enthusiast can find something that suits their taste. Sport is considered a social activity that connects people together, and Canadians would simply head to the stadium to watch their favorite team with joy. Whether you are into football, cricket, hockey, tennis, or baseball, there are many options to choose from. With sports being so popular, no wonder that Canada has plenty of stadiums. These buildings are prepared to host tens of thousands of sports fans ready to enjoy the game. In this post, we reveal the best stadiums in Canada. The fantastic architectural wonders hide so many secrets while revealing impressive statistics.

commonwealth stadium. This magnificent stadium is open to all kinds of sports events, with an open-air concept to provide spaciousness. The impressive building is located at McCauley, Alberta, being the largest stadium in the country. With a seating capacity of more than 56,000, it is the ultimate place for sports enthusiasts that want to enjoy the comfort while placing a bet on sites such as The stadium is home ground for the CFL. However, the multi-purpose building hosts other sports events as well as concerts. Before the Commonwealth Stadium was built, the Clarke Stadium was the central hub for sports events. Since it couldn’t host large events with its capacity, the authorities decided that it should undergo a significant expansion in 1974. However, they gave up that idea and decided to construct a new enormous building instead. The new stadium was intentionally built for the Commonwealth Games and got its name after this event. The total construction costs are estimated to be 20.9 million Canadian dollars.

olympic stadium. This impressive stadium dates back to 1976 when it was built to host the Summer Olympics. Also referred to as the Big O, this specific building resembles the shape of a donut. However, this isn’t the only name it got. Many call it the Big Owe since the construction process was extremely costly. According to the initial plan, the building’s construction process was estimated at C$134 million. However, the issues that occurred during the construction process caused delays which increased the costs. At the time of the opening, the total cost estimates were C$1.1 billion. However, the building wasn’t fully finished when it opened the doors to the public. The total costs after finishing renovations and taking inflation into consideration rise to a staggering C$1.61 billion. Therefore, it is obvious why they call it the Big Owe. With a seating capacity of over 56,000 and the option to set additional seating, this is one of the largest stadiums in Canada. However, it is now rebranded as the White Elephant due to many structural and financial issues.

bc place. Located in Vancouver, the BC Place is a multi-purpose stadium that hosts hundreds of games annually. It opened its doors to the public back in 1983, after completing the construction process, which began two years prior. At that time, it was known as the world’s biggest stadium with an air-supported roof. The retractable roof opens to the sky while making this building suitable for year-round events. Currently, it is managed by the BC Pavilion Corporation. Vancouver Whitecaps FC and BC Lion are the clubs that have adopted this stadium as their home ground. In 2010, the building hosted the Winter Olympic Games. After this critical event, the structure went through an extensive restoration and renovation process, which lasted for 16 months. The old roof was deflated and replaced with a new sophisticated retractable roof.


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