November Influencer: Lisa Tant

November 4, 2021

Our featured influencer this month is Lisa Tant, whose background in fashion journalism and retail make her a local style icon. Read all about Lisa below, and watch for more fabulous influencer insights in the coming months! —Vita Daily

Hi Lisa! Tell us a little bit about you and what do you do.

I started my fashion career in Vancouver when I was a teenager. I was a style columnist at the Vancouver Sun before I moved to Toronto, where I eventually became the editor-in-chief of Flare magazine. Following that, I did stints in corporate luxury retail at Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom, and now I’m back in Vancouver working in luxury design. I missed the ocean and mountains, and couldn’t wait to come home.

How do you use your platform to impact those who follow you?

I live a life of colourful style—from my home to my wardrobe. (I just bought a Mini Cooper to match my collection of Dries Van Noten toppers.) There’s so much joy in fashion. I like my Instagram page to reflect my love of fashion, pattern and fearless style at any age. I admire women of all ages who have fun with their clothes.

What’s your personal style mantra?

I’m a curious person who loves pop culture, travel, film, arts and books. I like to wear an eclectic mix of things that reflect my personality. I invest in timeless pieces from Dries Van Noten. He has a terrific artist’s eye for mixing and clashing colours, textures and patterns, and then adding embellishments such as sequins or embroidery. His designs are so versatile because they are so different—I just keep updating my styling approach season after season. I will wear my favourite toppers until they fall apart. I also believe in investing in distinctive necklaces and shoes to add an instant style flair with any basic outfit.

What are some of your favourite things to do once the cold weather hits?

I walk my pug, Raffi, year-round, so that means long strolls along Kits Beach and Spanish Banks, and in Pacific Spirit Park. Granville Island is one of my favourite places, so I like to shop there at least once a week. I’ll be sticking close to home this winter, but hoping to finally be able to plan my next big adventure: a small-ship cruise around the Greek Islands.

What’s your top current fashion pick?

I’m really excited to wear my rain cape from Cape de Coeur, a new collection by Vancouver-based Austrian designer Bettina Mueller Reichl. Her capes are fashion-forward and practical thanks to their high-tech material that’s weatherproof and washable. I can layer a sweater underneath, or use it as a chic evening-wear cape. I can’t think of a more perfect West Coast cape.

Follow Lisa on Instagram.


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