Sip On Canada’s First Superfunctional Smoothie Line

November 10, 2021

We intro’d you to Evive Nutrition here, and now we have some more exciting news to share from the Canada’s fastest-growing smoothie company!

Evive is expanding its blender-free smoothie selection with a new Super Functional Smoothie line, the first of the industry’s kind, available November 23. Superfoods and functional ingredients have been a popular trend in the health community for decades and enthusiasts are looking for nutritional benefits within their daily meals. Evive is elated to raise the bar and offer fast, easy and tasty meals that are not only packed with superfoods, but also functional ingredients that have proven to be associated with powerful health benefits. Transforming the nutrition landscape, Evive’s new Super Functional smoothies comes in three delicious flavours, all aptly named for their main health boosting benefit.

  • immunity. This sultry red smoothie (cherry, orange, elderberry and hibiscus) includes immunity boosting foods like camu camu, sea buckthorn, rosehip, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables (strawberries, carrots, red bell peppers).
  • zen. With a calming lavender hue light and creamy, blueberry, peach, vanilla and lavender flavours, this smoothie supports mindfulness with ashwagandha, vanilla bean, flaxseed, wild blueberries and calming foods such as banana, edamame and avocado.
  • energy. Bright fuschia in colour and with bold and refreshing raspberry, blackberry and mint flavours, this smoothie includes energy boosting superfoods, without caffeine, such as panax ginseng, goji berries, MCT oil, pitaya powder and moringa.

Vegan-friendly and packed full of nutrients and power foods, Evive is available through an online subscription program as well as in retail stores across Canada. Drink up! —Noa Nichol


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