When You Do Travel, Make It Leak-Free

November 16, 2021

Fact: 35 per cent of women in Canada experience bladder control and other intimate health-related issues. These issues can range from little leaks while sneezing to frequent trips to the washroom. For many, this can make travelling unenjoyable.

Women live in constant fear of being stuck in traffic, being trapped in a window seat on an airplane with no clear path to the bathroom and not knowing when or where the next rest stop might be. According to a recent survey conducted by Snowbird Advisor, 91 per cent of Canadian snowbirds intend to travel south this winter. Silk’n, a global leader in home-use medical aesthetics devices, has launched Tightra, a revolutionary home-use device that can help women travel leak-free and worry-free this season.

We wrote all about this wonderful tool here, but for those needing a refresher: Tightra uses Radio Frequency Energy to tighten pelvic floor muscles and reduce symptoms of stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Cleared by Health Canada, Tightra is safe and painless. Tightra’s Radio Frequency energy flows between the device electrodes, producing a heat energy that stimulates cells. This increases the formation and construction of collagen and elastin fibres, strengthening the pelvic floor. Globally, tens of thousands of women have purchased Tightra to help with their intimate health-related issues.

“Silk’n is proud to have created a revolutionary device to help women around the world take back control of their bladders,” says Sandra Cockburn, VP sales and marketing for Silk’n. “It’s time to stop ignoring the symptoms of SUI. They are treatable with Tightra in the comfort and privacy of your home.”

Another fact: 85 per cent of women who participated in Tightra clinical trials experienced an improvement in SUI symptoms in as little as four weeks. Participants used the Tightra three times a week for 20-minute sessions.

Whether travelling by plane, train, or automobile, SUI is not a good travel companion. “You can reclaim control with Tightra,” says Cockburn. —Vita Daily


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