Add Humanely Raised To Your Grocery List With Maple Leaf Foods

November 17, 2021

Did you know that 88 per cent of Canadians prefer to purchase the meat they serve themselves and their loved ones from companies that have high standards for the humane treatment of animals? As Canadians have become increasing savvy shoppers, the factors that go into decisions at the grocery store have become much more nuanced and thoughtful than just choosing one name brand over another.

Whether you’re looking to feed your family or make smart grocery choices for yourself—consider how humanely raised your protein is the next time you’re shopping in-store or online. If humanely raised protein is already a priority for you, you’re not alone—in fact, according to a recent Angus Reid survey almost two in three Canadians (65 per cent) prefer to purchase humanely raised meat and poultry.

Go Gestation Crate-Free

Many of us already look for cage-free eggs, and free-run chicken, but you may not be aware of gestation crate-free pork. In 2014, Canada’s pork industry committed to ending gestation crate use by 2024. Moving away from gestation crates allows sows (female pigs) optimized, open housing during pregnancy that allows them to roam, rest, feed and socialize freely.

In good news for the 66 per cent of Canadians who prefer to purchase gestation crate-free pork, Maple Leaf Foods (the world’s first major carbon neutral food company—and a staple in Canadian homes) just announced that they are on track to convert all of their owned barns to be gestation crate-free by the end of 2021—three years ahead of the industry goal of 2024.

Not only are they ahead of the industry target, but Maple Leaf Foods also developed their own gestation crate-free housing system by studying housing and feeding systems around the world and combining all the best practices they observed into their unique Advanced Open Sow Housing. What makes it different from the rest? Maple Leaf Foods isn’t just opening or removing gestation crates, but completely created new housing areas with a range of spaces that support sows’ desires to choose when to play, to socialize, to eat and to rest. An added benefit is that this open system allows their team of animal care experts to monitor the health of sows even more accurately.

Ready to make the switch to go gestation crate-free? Look for labels on Greenfield Natural Meat Co.® products that identify when pork is sourced from pigs produced without gestation crates—and make humanely raised part of your grocery list. —Vita Daily


*Source, Angus Reid Angus Reid Omnibus of Canadian Adults 18+, October 18-20, 2021


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