Bailey Nelson’s New Virtual Try-On Tool Changes Everything

November 19, 2021

Has the virtual try-on experience left you feeling (and looking) kinda flat? Australian eyewear brand Bailey Nelson has partnered with 3-D and augmented reality platform Plattar, and Apple, to offer a much more realistic way to see whether those black Clark Kents really do look good on you.

Try before you buy is crucial when it comes to eyewear, whether it’s prescription glasses or even sunnies, and getting the fit right is important. The in-store experience is challenging, too—every tried-on a pair of frames while wearing a protective mask that covers most of your face? Not so fun. Bailey Nelson’s new Virtual Try On, launched during this pandemic as a safe solution, features a more realistic 3-D visual to give a much better sense of how the glasses look on your face. Once on the website, your real-time facial image appears on your iPhone or iPad, you tap on frames you’re interested in and, voila, there you are wearing them. Move your head around, see the temples and fit of the frames, and decide if they’re going in that shopping cart.

Just call it 20/20 vision. —Vita Daily


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