Mindset Matters (Most) When It Comes To Your Wellness Goals

November 24, 2021

The holiday season is coming up fast and, before visions of sugar plums … and turkey … and stuffing … and boxes upon boxes of those lovely little Christmas chocolates begin to dance in our heads, we’re taking some time to sort out how to best keep our wellness goals on track.

The fact is, diet and exercise aren’t the only factors that contribute to overall physical and mental health and wellness (and there’s no need to deprive or reprimand ourselves, during the holidays or at any other time). Our mindset, behaviours and choices all play a role—in other words, what’s in your head is just as important as what’s on your plate. But don’t just take our word for it; in his book, The Shift: 7 Powerful Changes for Lasting Weight Loss, Dr. Gary Foster, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at WW, outlines several mindset-shifting techniques that can make a profound impact in reaching your goals:

  • Embracing self-compassion
  • Seeing setbacks as opportunities to refocus
  • Taking small steps for big results
  • Leaning into your strengths
  • Valuing your body
  • Finding your people
  • Experiencing happiness and gratitude now

The most fundamental shift, says Dr. Foster, is embracing self-compassion, giving yourself permission to be imperfect—just like every other human being. Self-compassion is a balance: you can cut yourself slack when you slip up or if things don’t go your way while still being accountable for your actions. This makes the wellness journey a positive process, not a punitive one.

With this in mind (pun intended!), WW has created a wellness ecosystem focused on four pillars—nutrition, activity, mindset and sleep—because losing weight and leading a healthier life don’t have to be onerous and shouldn’t interrupt your life or deprive you of what you love most. Plus, WW’s new-and-ground-breaking PersonalPoints Program delivers a revolutionary and truly individualized and livable path to sustainable weight management and healthy living. For the first time in WW history, no two plans are alike, making it easier to achieve your goals and sustain them over time.

The new program helps users build healthy habits and encourages creating a healthy mindset. Adding healthy behaviours into your day, like sneaking in some exercise or drinking more water, will add Points to your day so you can enjoy more of the foods you love.

With WW, nothing is off the menu. Heading into the holidays (and beyond), that’s something we’re most definitely keeping top of mind! —Vita Daily


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