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Here’s What You Can Expect From Dating In 2022

December 7, 2021

Bumble, the women-first dating and networking app, today released its predictions for the top rising trends that will help define dating in the new year. While this year has brought the return of some much loved pre-pandemic behaviour, the future of dating holds many new and welcomed shifts. This past year brought us terms such as soft launching, coined for those who take a more subtle approach to sharing relationship news, as well as hardballing, a term for really knowing what you want after months of reflection. Bumble’s research highlights that these trends show no sign of slowing down with more than half (59 per cent) of people on the app globally saying that they are now more upfront with partners about what they want. But these aren’t the only trends to watch. According to Bumble, the new year will also bring us… 

explori-dating. While what we’re looking for has changed—this hasn’t necessarily made dating super serious. In fact, the pandemic has made almost half of us (48 per cent) question what our “type” even is. Looking ahead to 2022, more than 1 in 3 people on Bumble would describe their approach to dating as exploratory (43 per cent). Additionally, nearly one-third (29 per cent) of respondents in Canada say they are more open to exploring a relationship with someone who lives in another city.

resetters. The pandemic brought a lot of changes for daters, but many adjusted along the way by adopting video chat and planning virtual dates. Now, nearly half (46 per cent) are ready to hit the reset button on their dating journey in the new year. This was particularly high for Gen Z in Canada at 51 per cent. Nearly half of Gen Z (46 per cent) in Canada also say the pandemic has drastically changed what they are looking for in a potential partner. There’s no better time than the new year to enjoy a fresh start.

consciously single. We’ve all heard of conscious uncoupling, but 2022 is all about finding that someone, not just anyone. The pandemic has made half of us (53 per cent) realize that it’s OK to be alone for a while. Looking ahead, people are consciously making a decision to be single, with the majority of singletons globally (54 per cent) being more mindful in how, and when, they date. Additionally, in Canada, over a quarter (27 per cent) of people on Bumble say questions about dating or their relationship status from friends and family during the holidays does not affect them, and 46 per cent highlight that they don’t feel self-conscious for being single during this season.

dry dating. Throughout the pandemic, many have changed their relationship to alcohol and adopted new drinking habits, especially post-confinement. In fact, one in three (34 per cent) people are now more likely to consider going on a dry date than they were pre-pandemic and over a quarter (29 per cent) of people in Canada confirm they are drinking a lot less than before. Though going out for drinks has long been a standard in dating, data shows that this societal norm is shifting.

power pda. With vaccination rates increasing, PDA is back in a big way—and it looks like it’s not just celebrities that are into it. Globally, more than two in three (68 per cent) say that they are more open to public displays of affection post-pandemic. This rings true in Canada with 71 per cent agreeing with the sentiment. Globally, there’s also an increased openness toward sexual exploration among Bumble users right now. It looks like many are ready to kick it up a notch with their partners in public.

To enhance the dating experience ahead of 2022, Bumble recently rolled out a series of product updates. With the goal of facilitating meaningful connections, Bumble now offers the ability to add pronouns in profiles as well as a Sober Badge to help clearly identify their sober lifestyle and drinking habits within the current Drinking Badge menu. With these new product updates, Bumble hopes to make it easier than ever for you to make the first move.

“If the past year-and-a-half has taught us anything, it is that more people know what they want in a partner and are less likely to compromise,” says Alanna Lauren Greco, Bumble’s associate director of editorial. “As 28 per cent of Bumble users in Canada are ready to take an adventurous approach to dating in the new year, we are excited to watch these trends take off and see what 2022 holds for our community in the next phase of their dating journey. —Vita Daily


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