3 Tips For Giving The Gift Of Cheese—With Style

December 21, 2021

Are you looking for that last minute gift idea that’s guaranteed to impress without breaking the bank? Look no further than everyone’s favourite ingredient—cheese! Here are three easy steps for giving the gift of cheese with a little extra style and class:

wrap it! Cheese comes in so many shapes and sizes, so add some festive paper and ribbon to cheese types like Tickler, Danish Blue, Brie and more, for a stunning presentation that allows your friends and family to unwrap some holiday cheer.

package it! Once your cheese is wrapped, place it in an attractive open basket and roll up some paint-by-number cheeseboard templates that allows anyone to recreate six Pinterest worthy cheeseboards created by Canada’s favourite foodies. You can find all six of them here. Here’s a sample of one by Vancouver’s @viranlly.

present it! Now for the good part—building the cheeseboard! You’ve provided your friends and family with the ingredients and tools to recreate a stunning cheeseboard masterpiece, now they can assemble it together for a fun family activity.

All six of Canada’s favourite foodies selected Castello Cheese to build their cheeseboards which is Canada’s number one specialty cheese for a reason—the quality and taste is exceptional!

Spread some Castello Pineapple Cream Cheese on a cracker and watch both the kids and the adults flock! The six cheese types used in each cheeseboard template, take the work out of guessing which one to choose—so trust the experts and your cheeseboard will be anything but bored!

Happy Holidays! —Vita Daily



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