Great Sips At The Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Fest

January 10, 2022

Sip, sip, hooray! Check out some top offerings at this year’s 12th annual edition of the Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, happening January 15 until February 14 at cafes across Greater Vancouver. —Vita Daily

giovane caffè. Get ready to be refreshed with the Aria Fresca from the Italian coffee maestros at Giovane Caffè. The mint hot chocolate has an herbaceous basil twist, offering a subtle spin on a peppermint patty-inspired drink. Giovane Caffè’s second offering is the Ciao Bella, based on one of the fan-favourite pastries baked daily by their chef. The decadent beverage sees a milky hazelnut chocolate concoction topped with crunchy cookie crumbs.

honolulu coffee. Festival-favourite Honolulu Coffee has once again upped the ante with their tropical flavours and perfect dessert pairings available at both their downtown and Kerrisdale locations. Get whisked away to the beach with the Bananako’i, which combines a hint of passionfruit and banana with 70 per cent dark chocolate, paired with a Banana Foster Ice Cream Sandwich to cool you down. With Soyly Guìhuā the Honolulu Coffee team crafts their own Guìhuā sauce from the beautiful Osmanthus frangrans flower, and expertly mixes it up with 70 per cent dark chocolate and soy milk. The beverage is paired with their house-made Oat Walnut Guìhuā cookie.

sciué. Inspired by a different kind of mask than the ones we’ve all been wearing for the last few years—Sciué’s Mask-querade hot chocolate takes cues from the legendary masquerade balls during the Carnival of Venice. Sciué has created a pistachio white hot chocolate, served in a crushed pistachio-rimmed mug, served with a spiced, cardamom and fennel shortbread masquerade mask cookie. The Calabria Sunshine celebrates the region of Calabria, the land of citrus fruit, located in the toe of Italy’s boot. The orange milk hot chocolate conjures up daydreams of sun-baked mountains and beaches, and is paired with a bergamot ricotta-filled cannoli with candied citrus and caramelized walnuts. Sciué collaborated to develop their hot chocolate features with the team from the former Soirette Pastry Boutique, a fan-favourite from previous editions of the hot chocolate festival, who recently closed their physical storefront. Both flavours will be available for the duration of GVHCF at Sciué’s Yaletown and Pender locations.

super veloce. Super Veloce is a health-focused Italian coffee bar that doesn’t sacrifice great taste. The Formula Piccante’that they’ve developed for the festival is a chile hot chocolate—it’ll get you breathing and clear your sinuses, while still being a delicious, chocolatey treat. The Pronti, Partenza, Via marries the classic duo of peanut butter and chocolate, providing healthy fats and protein, and utter bliss for your tastebuds.

coho coffee. Take the chill off at Coho Coffee as the community-based East Vancouver cafe participates in its first-ever Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival. On the menu: two unique chocolate beverages, including a vegan option, both paired with Indian sweets from local business Mithai & Co. Make It a Spicy Date is a 70 per cent dark chocolate hot chocolate, flavoured with Masala Chai Spice by The Indian Pantry and almond chai brittle. It is served with a Mithai and Co. Chai Date Bite. This sugar-free laddoo has dates, nuts and gluten-free oats, all spiced with a special chai spice blend and rolled in crushed pistachios. Miso Want a Snow Day is a blend of milk chocolate, Vankoji Foods miso, whipped cream, shaved chocolate and miso caramel bites. It is served with a Mithai & Co Snowball Bite featuring coconut laddoo filled with caramel ganache and a toasted hazelnut in the centre.

artigiano. Ten of Artigiano‘s cafes will participate in this year’s Hot Chocolate Festival with two custom drinks! The Fluffernutter Hot Chocolate is handcrafted with chocolate peanut syrup, whipped marshmallow with shaved chocolate and served with a fluffernutter cookie; the Salted Caramel Miso Hot Chocolate features salted chocolate syrup, miso powder, Vancouver Island salt, Callebaut pearls and caramel sugar and is served with a salted dark cho`colate chip cookie (think white miso, Maldon salt, cocoa, chocolate chips)!

beaucoup bakery. Two hot chocolate offerings from Beaucoup, starting with a drink draws inspiration from the popular Strawberry Pocky snack. Strawberry Pocky Forever is a sipping chocolate featuring Valrhona Strawberry couverture chocolate infused with a hint of sweet rose. Served with a house-made strawberry pocky; this baby is best enjoyed when dipped into this strawberry rose sipping chocolate. Next up is the Smooth Like Butter, inspired by the popular Korean “Honey Butter Potato Chip” snack. This hot chocolate features caramelized honey butter sauce blended into Valrhona Dulcey 35 per cent blond chocolate. Served with potato chips flavoured with caramelized cultured butter and locally sourced honey.


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