4 Tips To Beat The Winter Blues & Stay Motivated

January 11, 2022

While a new year brings new life goals and a boost of motivation, 2022 has been a challenging start with Covid restrictions and winter weather impacting daily routines. With countless studies proving how important movement and fitness are for everyone’s mental health and well-being, we’re sharing some simple stretches and exercises from Fitness World’s group fitness director, Ingrid Knight-Cohee. —Vita Daily

neck release. The tech neck cure-all. Tilt head sideways, drawing right ear to the right shoulder. Elevate left arm, flex wrist and then slowly lower arm to enhance release along with left trapezius muscle. Repeat on the other side. Repeat each side as needed.

cat/cow. Absolutely the best movement to nourish and align the spine. Kneeling on all fours, allow the belly to relax. Inhale while lifting head and tailbone (cow) then exhale while hollowing out abdomen, lowering head between shoulders and drawing tailbone down. Actively expand the upper back (cat). Repeat x5.

child’s pose. The classic restorative pose. From kneeling position, separate knees and fold feet under body while drawing hips over heels and reaching arms forward. Allow the rib cage to melt between thighs, rest forehead on the mat. Drawing hands next to feet of extended shoulder position is uncomfortable. Hold for 5 breaths.

10-second roll-up. A gentle return to an upright standing position. From a kneeling position, flex your feet and lift your body from the mat. Pausing in a crouched position, take at least 10 seconds to slowly rise to standing position. Press heels to the floor, elevate hips, maintain the bend in knees and keep the chin tucked. Roll through the spine and lift the head last. Roll shoulders up, back and down to reset, re-establishing an optimal tall standing posture.


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