Say Valentine’s Day With Love & Lush Cosmetics

January 12, 2022

The season of love is here and so is the Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day collection, packed with handmade, vegan delights. Made with ethically sourced ingredients, the following gift ideas are among our faves for a Valentine’s Day that’s filled with love and self-care. —Vita Daily

Softer, smoother lips are a must whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, because who doesn’t want kissable lips all the time? Hot Lips Lip Mask & Srub ($4) is made with loads of glycerin so it’s mega hydrating, while natural ground bamboo stem extract delivers a super-fine polish to scrub away any unwanted dry bits. Plus, it tastes like sweet cherries and comes so fresh, it needs to be refrigerated (read: available in store only).

Don’t just give any flowers this Valentine’s Day? Give the gift of flowers and exquisitely-scented skin. New Rose Soap ($10) is packed with a blend of skin-soothing ingredients like rose absolute, rice bran oil, aloe vera gel, and lavender oil to help soothe sore or irritated skin. There’s also a blend of floral oils and rose water, giving it a light, delicate scent that’s both comforting and cheery.

Give your heart this Valentine’s Day—a fresh strawberry juice-packed heart that smells as sweet as it is anatomical. All of Lush’s shower jellies (like this Strawberry Heart edition, $8) feature glycerin and carrageenan to make them incredibly hydrating and ready to jiggle their way into your shower, while lemon, lime, ho wood, and jasmine blend perfect with strawberries for a berry delightful scent that lingers.

Whether you love to share showers or go it alone, you’ll want to get wild with this irresistible I Can Resist Everything But Temptation Shower Gel (from $11). It starts with the perfect throuple: an infusion of cinnamon, red rose petals and ginseng, ingredients that are known for their aphrodisiac effects, and then kicks it into high gear with cinnamon leaf oil for an extra-spicy good time.

We’ve seen them before—vegetables that look like a face or a hand and Kim The Carrot ($9) is a sultry, limited-edition bubbler that’s an ode to them all. We’ve packed this carrot with real fresh carrot juice, ginger root and vanilla absolute, so its scent is warm yet sweet. Sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar round things out with a blanket of silky, skin-softening bubbles.

We’re obsessed with the idea that lobsters mate for life, which is how this limited-edition Mr Loba Loba Bath Bomb ($5.50) came to be! You’ll want to spend a lifetime with this one’s benzoin resinoid, tonka absolute, and almond oil blend that creates a sweet and cosy scent.

Inspired by Herbie the Love Bug, this sweet ‘n’ citrusy fizzer is the perfect companion for bathtime. Sicilian lemon and organic sweet orange oils collide with rose oil to give this Love Bug Bath Bomb ($7) a citrusy scent kissed with a hint of sweetness.

Nine inches of energizing foam. Here just for Valentine’s Day, this super-sized fizzer is ready to please. Packed with ho wood oil, tonka absolute, and litsea cubeba oil, the Big Eggplant Bath Bomb ($15) offers a refreshing yet grounding aroma along with a blanket of warm and cool purples, blues and pinks for a marble effect across the water. For external use only. Please.

Finally, Lush’s Valentine’s Day limited-edition gift collection (from $16) is packed with handmade, vegan delights that are perfect for everyone you love, including you! Gift a unique experience that’s all about love and self-care, all wrapped-up and ready to give.


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