Top Tips To “Clean Your Space” With Melissa Maker & Clorox

January 12, 2022

With two new innovations from Clorox—Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths and Disinfecting Mist—now available, and us cleaning our homes and offices more than ever, we asked expert Melissa Maker of Toronto-based cleaning service Clean My Space (a.k.a. the cleanest place on the Internet!) about all things cleaning, from the role of disinfecting versus cleaning and her top tips and tricks. —Vita Daily

Hi Melissa! Please tell us a bit about yourself (and your status as an “accidental cleaning expert”) to start.

I started a cleaning company back in 2006 called Clean My Space in my hometown of Toronto, to help people just like me who hated to clean and had a tough time keeping up with it. I knew then that a messy space could greatly affect one’s mental health and it still rings true today. Five years later, we decided to start making YouTube videos to help people like me who were struggling with cleaning learn tips and tricks that could help them get their cleaning done quickly and effectively from a relatable expert they could trust. Here I am today, 11 years later, doing just that and helping people all over the world learn how to clean better with my YouTube videos, Instagram and TikTok content, website, book and more.

Keeping things clean and sanitized has certainly been a hot topic in the last couple of years! What do you think we have all learned about the importance of keeping things clean?

I think cleaning and disinfecting have certainly had a Renaissance. Prior to covid, a lot of the buzz in my space was around decluttering and organizing. But cleaning and keeping surfaces sanitary has definitely come into focus. I think we are learning to be more mindful about hand hygiene, and cleaning points of contact regularly that can transfer germs. I think we have also learned how to find balance—not over-cleaning, not under-cleaning, just doing the right amount of cleaning to keep our spaces healthy.

To add to that education, as an expert, can you explain the difference between disinfecting and cleaning, and why is it important/how to do both?

Cleaning is the act of cleaning—dusting, polishing, removing dirt, grease, grime, liquids, stains, etc. and making a surface look free of dirt, shiny, smooth, streak-free, etc. Disinfecting can be done after a surface is clean—think of cleaning as priming a space for disinfecting. You can’t properly disinfect a surface if there is still dirt on there, as it can spread around and still hold unwanted germs.

When it comes to cleaning/disinfecting our spaces well, what are your top tools and tricks?

A really easy tip for disinfecting is to read the label! Most people don’t do this and while they may be using an excellent disinfectant, if not used correctly they won’t obtain the desired results. To disinfect, you need to use a registered disinfectant product, in the way explained on the package and leave wet on a surface for the prescribed amount of time in order for it to effectively kill germs. To make disinfection simple, clean the surface first and then grab your product of choice. Many people prefer to use a disinfecting wipe to do this work, such as Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. They’re convenient and easy to use. Once you’ve adequately cleaned a surface, grab one sheet and wipe your hard, non-porous surface well, you’ll want that surface to stay wet for 30 seconds before it dries. On that note, make sure you keep your canister closed when not in use to maintain the moisture level. That dampness is key to killing germs!

We’ve also been loving the new innovations from Clorox: the Clorox Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths and Disinfecting Mist. How do these stack up to other cleaning tools in your arsenal? How are you using them in your own life, and what do you love most about each?

These Clorox products are convenient and most importantly make disinfecting convenient and approachable. Both of these products kill 99.9% of all bacteria, too. The thing that’s notably nice about the Clorox Disinfecting mist is that it’s a mist, so rather than a large droplet like what you’d get from a trigger sprayer that’s used to tackle larger spaces, it’s a fine, continuous mist that can get into those hard-to-reach places or cover smaller spots without leaving spray marks on surfaces.

For those of us who don’t love to clean (polite cough!), what’s your top piece of advice to make it more enjoyable/effortless?

No need to cough, you are among family here! I hate cleaning and because of that I can tell you what’s worked well for me. First, I don’t aim for perfection. I know how to do it perfectly for work, but in my own life I just do as much as I am willing to do on that day in order to get the job done. Sometimes, I’ll go full-force in the kitchen and it looks dazzling, and other days I’ll just do the bare minimum. The point is, it gets done and I don’t beat myself up when it’s less than perfect. I must clean while listening to something. I thoroughly enjoy podcasts so I’ll keep my brain engaged with something much more interesting than the cleaning I’m doing. Other folks feel more motivated with music. Just play whatever you need to in order to engage your brain. Finally, have a plan. That way, you can set a timer, tick things off your to-do list and clean with purpose. That always helps me feel able to get on with the work; cleaning doesn’t feel like a never-ending task in that moment.



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