Fashion Trend Forecast 2022

January 13, 2022

Beyond the mini skirts, bows and platform shoes that are set to be making a comeback, the top trend for the next year is definitely “green” as we all become accutely aware of the critical need to consider Mother Nature when making fashion choices. And who better than Courtney Watkins, owner of Vancouver luxury consignment shop Mine & Yours, to talk about how you can stay chic and stylish, sustainably, when it comes to emerging trends for the next 12 months. Below, check out Courtney’s take on the top predicted trends of the year ahead, then go shop the looks at Mine & Yours! —Vita Daily

nostalgia. On the runways, in TikTok videos and on your favourite style icons, expect to see a nostalgia takeover. The revival of Y2K is now in full force, and we’re also predicting a resurrection of the early to mid 2010s with a modern flare.

y2k. The resurgance of Y2K has captivated multiple generations because the outfits are more playful and much less produced than celebrity fashion today. Expect to see more mini skirts, low-rise and silver. As Y2K legend Paris Hilton once said, “Skirts should be the size of a belt.”

2010s. For some it may feel like the 2010s have just ended, and you’re not wrong. With the rise of fashion bloggers and it-girl Tumblr users, we saw plenty of different trends during this era. Look out for the comeback of bows, platform shoes, peplums, Peter Pan collars and what may be the most popular of all: ballerina-core.


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