Top Jewelry Trends for 2022

January 14, 2022

Fine jewelry—that is, jewelry made of precious metals and real gemstones—is an investment. More often than not, it’s a meaningful purchase to the buyer, who wants to wear it all the time, have it last forever or even be handed down for generations, and have timeless style. But even in fine jewelry there are ways to play up the latest trends. Just remember: the meaning behind the purchase is always forever. After a lot of the same in the last couple years (yes, we’re talking about looking at the inside four walls of your apartment on end), it’s time for the new. Here’s what to expect in 2022 jewelry trends. —Tori Dundas, founder and president, True Curated Designs

glow up. Your favourite stacking ring is still on trend—but better. Maybe you should buy another one (or five) and layer them all up! Or, take the leap and get that beautiful earring charm in a new gemstone. The twist goes one step further into bridal jewelry; many brides are opting for a classic solitaire but going away from diamonds into new, unique and beautifully coloured gemstones like sapphires or rubies. Looking to get on trend but still keep it timeless? Choose a gemstone that means something like a birthstone, or choose a gemstone colour that makes you feel good. Green and blue are a beautiful neutral choice because they’re both everywhere in nature!

big & bold. Jewelry is getting chunkier … again. Take a moment before you roll your eyes about that T-shirt-wearing 17-year-old you in a bib necklace and sneakers and remember how comfy she was. Now, remember, too, that gorgeous new sweatsuit you invested in when you never thought you would leave the house again? Still having a moment. Just throw on a gorgeous chunky gold chain and your drip is socially acceptable and iconic. (We know that fine jewelry can be an investment so here’s an insider tip to keep it classy and affordable: buy smaller pieces that can be layered and stacked up. Or, stick with simple designs like a plain chain, or earrings that are large but thin, or chunky rings layered up.) Speaking of chunky rings, cocktail rings are going to have a major moment in 2022 so go ahead and treat yourself to a right-hand ring (thank you, Oprah!) that’s meaningful and statement-making. Show off your personality. Start a conversation or, better yet, let it start one for you.

high frequency. People are being called to a higher consciousness in 2022: something to believe in, something to raise their vibration. Gemstones are a great place to start; not only do they have the colour aura but also the physical energies that invite meaning and spiritual awakening. Fine jewelry is an especially good space for this because you can’t feel the vibes from fake gemstones made of glass or plastic. Pro tip: this trickle effect applies not only to gemstones, but also to meaningful jewelry. Think zodiac symbols, personalized initials and meaningful engravings.

bridal party. That’s right, it’s party time! Gone are the days (hopefully) where weddings were virtual, or limited. It’s time, after years of keeping your best party pieces in a box, to show them off again at your bestie’s wedding. Large cocktail rings, long shoulder-dusting earrings and big hoops are in, as are glam necklaces. Brides and guests alike are looking for those conversation starting pieces.

alt engagement. In 2022 people are hoping to see luxury in unexpected places. To that end, many brides are wanting a wow factor from the ring that is more than just the size of a classic round brilliant diamond. Brides are opting for diamonds of unique shapes, sizes and colours to express their individuality. Look for a black diamond or fancy yellow diamond; marquise-shaped stones are having a moment. No more rules. You do you, fam.


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