This New Book Makes Manufacturing Manufashionable

January 24, 2022

A new Assouline book, Louis Vuitton Manufactures is set to showcase the ateliers of the fashion brand and the artisans who create its exceptional pieces.

Photo by Oliver Pilcher

Featuring an intro by Nicholas Foulkes, the book features 350 photographs commissioned exclusively for this volume showcasing the extraordinary locations and buildings and the equally extraordinary people that produce Louis Vuitton leather goods, fragrances, watches, shoes, high jewelry and ready-to-wear, continuing the founder’s techniques and savoir-faire in the present day. We love the idea that “manufacturing” can mean fulfillment and individuality, where traditional craft skills can be learned, respected and transmitted, using age-old techniques and tools that would be familiar to the company’s founder.

In pursuit of excellence, Louis Vuitton has scattered ateliers the length and breadth of France and beyond, to Geneva, Veneto and even Texas. Often sites of historic interest or outstanding natural beauty will have a Louis Vuitton workshop nearby: in Normandy, the sea-girt fastness of Mont Saint Michel can be seen from the workshop; the facility in Beaulieu-sur-Layon is complete with beehives for making honey.

Learn more in this incredible volume, dropping on February 1! —Vita Daily


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