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Ready For A Quantum Shift In 2022? Explore These 6 Practices

January 27, 2022

The year is young, and for anyone who’s ready to make a big shift this year—to launch a new career or business or change a relationship—moving beyond our fears from a place of inner alignment is key. Support can make all the difference here. The following unique modalities are available to help you access your subconscious, re-align with your truth and move from a strong foundation of inner trust. Monica Krake

hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is not what you think. There’s no barking or quacking involved. In fact, this modality is a beautiful compliment to manifestation work, as hypnotherapy can help you tap into your subconscious desires and create from a place of truth versus obligation. While hypnosis is more commonly used for issues like low self-esteem or quitting smoking, Vancouver’s Nicole Plaza blends hypnosis and the law of attraction to support clients who want to align with their deepest desires, and live on purpose. 

bodyintuitive. Created by Dr. Laura Stuvé, a molecular biologist, and Dr. Janet Galipo, a classical Chinese medicine doctor, BodyIntuitive uses an energetic protocol to scan the body for emotional and energetic blocks and share messages for healing. In other words, a BodyIntuitive will tell you the stories you carry in your body that are ready to go! We recently did a session with Jonalyn Greene, which was incredibly insightful. Pairs well with coaching.

akashic records reading. A magical way to receive guidance, an Akashic Records Reading is based on the understanding that everything is energy, even the soul. Akashic guide Maribeth Stephens explains: “Your soul can connect with the energy of everything: past, present and potential, so in a reading, you can bring your biggest life questions, with the understanding that the information that comes through your Akashic Records comes from your soul.” Very cool. 

animism + folk medicine. Animism is a tradition of healing that weaves together spirit plant medicine, herbalism, divination, counselling and ancestral healing. This is deep, transformational work because it addresses our ancestral patterns, which is the key to unclouding our everyday triggers and issues—a.k.a. the things that keep us stuck. If nature is your church, this modality will resonate with you. We highly recommend the programs offered by animistic healer and coach Angela Prider

soul coaching. Soul Coaching is designed to help clients move toward the best possible outcomes in their lives and work, in the most holistic way possible. We recently did a workshop with energy healer and soul coach Melanie Philiphs, whose background in Ayurveda and health sciences addresses ALL aspects of life—health, energetics, financial and career—to unravel and reveal your brilliance within. It’s transformative work, especially for those interested in spiritual entrepreneurship. Learn more about Soul Coaching.

embodiment work. Non-dual spiritual teacher Jeannie Zandi teaches people to live from the sensory experience of the body in order to access the full spectrum of being human. For all the over-thinkers out there, or people who struggle to sit in meditation, embodiment work is designed to re-awaken us to a more full experience of being alive and aligned. It’s a life’s work. Explore this free embodiment program, and these great guided embodiment meditations.

Whatever changes you desire in 2022, having a mentor or some level of support will give you a big boost toward your goals. Cultivating your own intuition is key. This Intuition Test is a great place to start. 

Written for VITA by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart, your guide to living aligned.


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