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Wear The Simpsons On Your Sleeve

February 16, 2022

It’s hard to imagine a more beloved and recognizable TV series than The Simpsons, where, for over three decades, the citizens of Springfield (what state is it in, anyway?!) have remained an ever-present source of comedy, comfort and entertainment. With a rich and often quoted iconography (“You don’t win friends with salad!”), it’s the perfect collaboration partner for Levi’s, a brand also steeped in instantly recognizable iconography.

For Spring/Summer 2022, Levi’s and The Simpsons have created a special streetwear-inspired collection that delivers big on the throwback pop culture vibes. Featuring Bart, Lisa, Milhouse and a whole host of Springfield’s most popular residents, it’s a collab that both transports you back to another era and keeps things fresh and stylish for today. We’re eyeing a reversible Puffer Vest with sky blue and cloud print on one side—a nod to the show’s opening credits—and The Simpsons yellow on the other, as well as a loose-fit faded indigo denim Levi’s Trucker featuring a graphic of Bart Simpson drinking a Squishee alongside the iconic Levi’s Batwing logo. There’s also a mix of school-inspired styles—in honor of Springfield Elementary, of course—including a ringer tee, a riff on a letterman sweatshirt, and a vintage school uniform-inspired wide whale yellow corduroy jacket and pants. The jacket also features an all-over print lining with Lisa Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, Mrs. Krabappel, Otto the Bus driver and a host of other Simpsons faves.

Immerse yourself in the world of The Simpsons with this quirky mix of Springfield spirit and Levi’s style. The collection launches globally on March 3, 2022. —Vita Daily


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