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How To Use Houseplants As Home Décor

March 1, 2022

It may seem daunting for those that don’t have a green thumb, but Loop Living and their chic plant-ware make it almost dummy-proof! Loop Living founder Eli Manekin has passed along a variety of expert advice on how to successfully incorporate houseplants into your home’s design below. —Vita Daily

new version of gallery walls. I love when people hang plants instead or as part of a gallery wall! We have a wall plant hanger design that people often use to balance out art on their walls and I’m always amazed at how well plants and art complement each other! Using plants with leaves that have contrasting colors like a hoya crimson queen (green, white, and pink) can emulate brush patterns and take it to the next level.

group them. Consider buying a couple of the same plant and grouping them together in the same pot colour for an installation of sorts. I always recommend potting in white planters in simple shapes, as these don’t compete with your plant.

natural pieces of sculpture. Plants have a sculptural quality to them, they have been inspiring people creatively from the beginning of time. They are always changing and have such intricate details, and complement every type of décor style. There really isn’t any other design element like them, and they bring out the best in every interior. In short, they demand attention, which is what I think great art does. Plants with sculptural qualities include the snake plant and one of my favourites, the bird of paradise.

consider them colour accents. Plants with variegated leaves and strokes of pink are great as décor elements because of their dramatic contrasts. They literally look like an artist created them. For these types of plants, I love Hoya Crimson Queen, Ficus Elastica Ruby and the Triostar.

elements of space. Plant hangers can make a room seem bigger as it draws your eye up, and is an original way to style walls.



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