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3 Simple Hacks To Organize Your Closet & Up Your Productivity

March 16, 2022

Spring is here, and there is no time like the present to get your closet organized. Closet organizing goes much deeper than just time saving while looking for clothes. I strongly believe any organizational plan must begin with the closet, as it’s the first thing most people see after they wake up. Ten minutes wasted every day stressing in your closet adds up to 60 hours a year wasted! One major productivity waster (especially for women) can be attributed to the amount of time we spend worrying about what we are wearing. The closet sets the mood for the entire day. We want to look put together in most situations and if that wrinkled skirt or mismatched top you are wearing distracts you for even 20 seconds, that is too much. The closet is also an ideal place to practice and hone in on organizing skills that can transfer over to the rest of your life, and work. I even have my business clients start by organizing their closets, first and foremost, before we work on organizing their internal processes at work. Here are three hacks you can immediately implement to get your closet organized and increase your productivity. —Jane Stoller

the 80/20 rule. Employ the 80/20 rule and by making sure that 80 per cent of the clothes you wear are not only accessible in your closet but fit your lifestyle. For example, if you spend 80 per cent of your time in “business-related attire”, whatever that may be, make sure you have the correct type of clothes for your business, and then make sure it is front and centre. If you are a fitness coach, likely 80 per cent of your clothes will be fitness attire featured front and centre.

donate bins. Having a “donate” bin in your closet can inspire you to keep donating and getting rid of items that someone else will love! If there are multiple members in your household, get everyone involved in donating clothes that they are not wearing anymore. I recommend getting a declutter box for each family member!

implement a signature style. Having a signature style can save you more than just time and money. It will also help with your brand awareness overall. The faster you can organize your style the sooner you will be more productive and spend less time shopping and stressing about what to wear. I adopted my signature style when I lived in Europe, focusing on quality garments and fewer clothes. I save more time and energy, and I always feel polished and ready to show up like a boss, not worried about my looks.



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